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Spring Dots Recycled Socks

Spring Dots Recycled Socks

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Stand out and make a statement without sacrificing comfort in these exclusive Spring Dots socks! Made with a blend of polyester, nylon, and cotton for the perfect combination of strength and softness. With their durable print quality, full range of sizes (W's size 5 US up to M's size 12 US), and unparalleled amount of stretch, these recycled socks are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


- 58% Recycled Polyester 

- 22% Nylon 

- 15% Cotton 

- 5% Elastane 

- 200 needle knit premium socks 

- One size fits all (W's size 5 US up to M's size 12 US)


- Stylish & unique design that stands out from everyday plain socks. 

- Soft, warm yet breathable material keeps your feet comfortable all day. 

- Perfect blend of materials provides durability while looking good. 


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