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Rainbow Stripes Recycled Socks

Rainbow Stripes Recycled Socks

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Rainbow Stripes Recycled Socks are the pinnacle of sustainability and style. Crafted from a proprietary blend of specially sourced yarn for maximum comfort and long-lasting durability. With a 200-needle knit construction, a fashionable rainbow stripe design, eco-friendly 58% recycled polyester, 22% nylon, 15% cotton and 5% elastane fibres, and a one size fits most sizing up to US men's size 12, these socks will provide you with unbeatable style with the highest level of environmental consciousness. 

- 58% Recycled Polyester
- 22% Nylon
- 15% Cotton
- 5% Elastane
- 200 Needle knitted premium socks 
- One size fits all (W's sizes 5 US up to M's size 12 US) 

- Stylish rainbow stripe design with unsurpassed levels of comfort and durability. 
- Eco friendly materials that reduce your carbon footprint. 


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